Ladies Titanium Magnetic Bracelet - Two Tone Gold

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✨ High Power Magnets: Each link of the bracelet boasts two high-power magnets, strategically placed to provide the wearer with the benefits of magnetic therapy. The magnets add a therapeutic touch to your daily routine.

✨ Adjustable Length: The bracelet is designed to fit wrists up to 21.5cm, and we've included a handy tool for easy size adjustments. 

✨ Customizable Lengths: Need a longer bracelet? We've got you covered. We can extend the length at no additional charge, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

✨ Stylish Packaging: Your Willis Judd Ladies Titanium Magnetic Bracelet comes elegantly presented in a Willis Judd velvet bracelet box. It's not just a purchase; it's an experience from the moment you receive it.

⚡ Magnetic Therapy:

Experience the potential benefits of magnetic therapy discreetly. While we can't make specific health claims, wearers have reported positive effects on overall well-being. It's a fashionable choice for those seeking a stylish accessory with a potential wellness boost.

🌟 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Wear it, feel the difference, and decide. If unsatisfied within 60 days, return for a full refund.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With thousands of customers worldwide, Willis Judd stands by each product. If you are not happy with it then get in touch and we will offer a no questions asked refund within 60 days of your order